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Recipe Randomness

Below are a couple of random recipes that I’m inspired to make:

Severed Finger Cookies:

Halloween is such a fun holiday. I saw these cookies in the Rachael Ray magazine and knew that I had to make them. I’ve showed them to a few people who are a little grossed out, but they are just sugar cookies in the shape of fingers with a little raspberry jam on the ends. I’ll be making these for a Halloween party this weekend, and let you all know how they turned out.

Below is the link to the recipe:

Sweet Potato Waffles

Another recipe that I’m inspired to make are these Sweet Potato Waffles from Bon Appetit magazine. They are showing this recipe with fried chicken, but I think that it would taste even better with jerk chicken and some maple syrup. Below is the link to the recipe if you are inclined to try it:


Follow your taste buds!!

Cupcake Wars Party

I participated in a “cupcake wars” cupcake cookoff party,

and won best overall cupcake for my “Peek-a-boo Strawberry Cupcakes” – I named it peek-a-boo because there is a whole fresh strawberry┬áright in the center, and it also had a delicious homemade vanilla-lime buttercream frosting.

Below is the link to the recipe, which I found on another foodie blog after searching for “unique cupcakes”:

I love the idea of putting fresh fruit inside of a cupcake, or having a “surprise” inside of a cupcake in general.

Below is another “surprise” cupcake recipe that I would like to try – if you are inspired to make it before I do, let me know how it turns out:

  • Oreo cupcakes – has a whole oreo cookie on the bottom of the cupcake!

A cupcake cook off party is an excellent way to try a new recipes.

Below are a couple of my other cupcake favorites from the party:

Created by Syreeta Harris
14 "Karat" Carrot cupcakes. Great cupcake for an engagement party or wedding shower. Rings can be purchased at Michael's - Thanks to Syreeta Harris for the idea
Rubber Duckie Cupcakes – Great for baby showers. Just purchase the ducks from Michael’s. Thanks to Ana Serafin