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Just Ask…

Today, I was feeling like I wanted a burger and fries, but I didn’t want to eat a huge order. You know, most of these restaurants give you huge portion sizes, and I didn’t want to end up eating more than I needed to. (Especially since I had a burger, fries and chocolate shake at Portillo’s over the weekend – I’m surprised I’m not 500 lbs.).

Anyway, I called a local burger restaurant (Poag Mahone’s) to place a carry-out order, and asked if I could get 2 sliders instead of 4… and she said yes. Nice! Normally they don’t do this, she said, but they weren’t busy, so they went ahead and made it. The best part was that my bill was cut in half too! $6 instead of $12. That’s what I’m talking about! So glad I asked.

I normally ask to reduce the size of my order at brunch – i.e. getting 2 pancakes instead of 4, but I usually don’t do this for lunch and dinner.┬áThe moral of the story is to just ask at any place you eat – you never know…they might accommodate, which can benefit your waistline and your pocket book.

Do you REALLY know how to tip when using a Groupon?

So, I was out to dinner with a friend and we were using a Groupon. At the end of dinner, the question came up about how to properly tip.

One thought was that you tip on the value of the Groupon plus any extra money that you spend – so if the Groupon deal is $25 for $50 worth of food, ┬átip on the $25 + any extra food that was purchased.

I always thought that you tip on the TOTAL value of the food, i.e. tip on the $50 + any extra food. After a brief discussion, I decided to read the fine print of my Groupon, which said to tip on the value of the Groupon. This was not as specific as I would have liked, so I called Groupon to clear this up.

The Answer: (Ding, Ding, Ding!!)

The very nice customer service rep at Groupon said that you should tip on the TOTAL value of the Groupon + any extra food you buy. So, in this case, you would tip on the $50 + any extra food that was purchased over the value of the Groupon.

I wonder how much confusion is out there about this. This is probably why some restaurants aren’t happy to see people w/Groupons and other daily deals…What do you think?